Sonde TTDO

Sonde TTDO

The TT-DO series NTC thermistors are DO-35, glass encapsulated NTC thermistors, ideally suited for applications between -40°C and +250°C. The glass package provides excellent stability and durability. Units are available in industry standard characteristics and tolerance versions.
Industry standard resistance and beta values
Resistance tolerance at 25°C:     from ±1%, to ±10%
B value tolerance:     from ±1% to ±5%
Typical response time:     16s in still air
Typical dissipation constant:     max 2.5 mW/°C


Low cost
Excellent moisture protection
Dumet leads are suitable for soldering or welding
Excellent stability and reliability
Bulk or tape packaging available


Ambient temperature sensing, control and compensation
Liquid or gas temperature control and monitoring
Home appliances sensors
Air Conditioning